Cédric Desruisseaux: the story of a return to the top

The 20-year-old striker has had a dazzling start to the season: 19 goals in his first 14 games. Last year, he beat the opposing goalkeepers 14 times in … 56 games. That’s quite a difference in a year.

My state of mind has changed, explains Desruisseaux. Last year, I think I saw a little too far and set myself too many goals in terms of numbers.

Player who is in front of a goalkeeper, kneeling.

Cédric Desruisseaux has found his magic touch around the nets.

Photo: Charlottetown Islanders

This year he is focusing on the present moment.

Before the forced holiday break by the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, due to the difficulties caused by COVID-19, Desruisseaux was on a 13-game streak in a row with at least 1 goal. Moreover, the Islanders suffered just two losses in 14 games.

This message from the Islanders on Twitter points out that only two players have experienced streaks of 13 consecutive games with at least one goal since 2000 : Sidney crosby and Cédric Desruisseaux.

A fair return

The life of the young man from Warwick, Quebec, has nevertheless been shaken up in recent years. Drafted in the first round of the 2016 session by the Victoriaville Tigres, he was traded to the Drummondville Voltigeurs in 2017, then to the Islanders of Charlottetown in 2019.

By his own admission, arriving in Charlottetown shook him a bit.

It’s quite an adjustment to move from Quebec to the Maritimes, he mentions. We are far from home, it takes place in English. But, looking back, it’s been good for me. I am more mature, more complete as a person.

To this must be added the pressure, which he himself imposed on himself to do well.

Jim Hulton gives the final instructions to these players before a weekend punctuated by three games.

Jim Hulton, General Manager and Head Coach, Charlottetown Islanders

Photo: Julien Lecacheur

The general manager and trainer, Jim hulton, made a switch to help the team right away and that’s not what I did, coldly analyzes Desruisseaux.

Hockey player, back to camera, with a vest marked 21 and Desruisseaux, looks at the rink and other players who are skating.

Cédric Desruisseaux joined the Charlottetown Islanders in June 2019.

Photo: Charlottown Islanders

On a roll

The 2019-2020 season ended abruptly due to the pandemic last March. This break was good for him.

In training camp, the challenge was twofold, due to his age. There is a limit of three 20-year-olds per team and coaches cannot afford to keep underachieving players.

 » You have to show that you have your place, that you are one of the best players on the team. Being arrested for a long time was like a little stressful when it came time to start over: practicing is not like playing. « 

A quote from Cedric Desruisseaux

A future in blue and gold?

This first half of the quality season gives Cédric Desruisseaux hope for his future.

Of course, to land a professional contract would be an achievement and a dream., he reveals. At the same time, if that doesn’t happen this year, I’m just going to go through the university side.

He is still exploring his options. But, the Aigles Bleus of the University of Moncton seem very interested.

 » This is the first university that contacted me. It is also the one that interests me on the hockey and school plans. They are in the race. I will see in due course. « 

A quote from Cedric Desruisseaux

Until then, Desruisseaux will continue to help Islanders to position themselves well for the conquest of a championship.

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