C’Chartres Rugby strengthens its second line by recruiting a former South African international

The former South African international Brendon Snyman is one of the people who, when they speak, they are proven right! And for good reason, the last recruit of the CCR, who arrives from Poland, displays 120 kg on the scale and two meters under the gauge …

The 2nd row with the four capes with the Springboks (2013) was so bored in the 1st Polish division that when his agent told him about Chartres (Federal 1) and a team under construction, it didn’t take long to think .

C’Chartres Rugby had played 15 … against 16 in Arcachon: match to replay!

At 37, with a two-decade career in South African scrums, a season in ProD2 at Mautauban (2014-2015, 18 matches) then at London Welsh (England), Brendon Snyman should fill the only gap that Renaud Gourdon, the coach from Chartres, had in his workforce.

After the return to Belgium of Amin Hamzaoui then the injury in preparation for Nizar Ben Abderrahmen, the CCR was looking for a solution before September 30, deadline. Landed in Chartres on Wednesday September 27, he will discover this Sunday afternoon the atmosphere of the Claude-Panier stadium.

Herve Paraut

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