Castelnaudary. Krav Maga, much more than a defense sport

Classified for a long time as a defense secret, used by elite corps such as the GIGN, Krav Maga is open to everyone. The Club de Castelnaudary has been opening its doors since 2009 to allow everyone to discover this fabulous defense sport, a sport for everyone: whatever your age, gender, level of fitness, you can practice this discipline invented in the 1930s. .

Krav Maga is not a competitive sport. It provides a simple, effective and direct response to an attacker. Whether he tries to punch you, grab you, strangle you, threaten you with a knife or truncheon, or outright attack you with weapons. Whatever the situation, surprise attack, threat, attack while seated, on the ground, attack by several aggressors… There is a defense and counter-attack solution. Because it is still a peculiarity of Krav Maga to parry a blow, and simultaneously deliver a blow, to instantly gain the upper hand over the aggressor.

From the first lesson of the techniques are learned, the session of one hour fifteen allows to do a really complete sport: cardio, deep muscular development (work of the hard fiber). Krav Maga is a complete sport that simply allows you to keep in shape and feel good about your body.

Calm, self-control, stress management are the psychological bonuses of Krav Maga. The know-how to face in risky or dangerous situations brings a psychological baggage to the practitioners. From the age of 11, you can learn to defend yourself. All ages are represented, a quasi-equality between men and women, and practitioners who come from all walks of life: high school students, students, teachers, workers, executives, company directors… The atmosphere of the club is relaxed and friendly. A discovery session is possible, just come at 6:15 p.m. on Monday at the Germaine-Tillon high school (gathering at the entrance) or on Thursday at the Millénaire gymnasium with a pair of indoor shoes and a sports outfit to start this initiation .

Contact: Stéphane Viot, on 06 63 36 91 72;;

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