Cassano looks back on his ordeal caused by the coronavirus

Guillaume MARION, Media365: published on Wednesday January 12, 2022 at 8:40 p.m.

During a live on the Twitch platform, Antonio Cassano, the former Italian striker, returned to the ordeal he experienced after having tested positive for the coronavirus.

Antonio Cassano had a great and big fright. Tested positive for the coronavirus in 2021 at the end of December, the Italian, not vaccinated at that time, then had to be hospitalized subsequently at the San Martin hospital in Genoa for complications related to Covid- 19. On January 6, it was his wife Carolina Marcialis, a water polo player, who announced the news via her Instagram account. Even if the latter had been rather reassuring about her spouse. A few days later, the former striker passed by Real Madrid in particular is much better and recently participated in a live on the Twitch platform in the company of Christian Vieiri, his former teammate with the Italian selection. Cassano, now 39 years old, took the opportunity to tell about the ordeal he experienced.

« You have to get vaccinated »

“I had two days of fever and tremors. Since I didn’t know what to do, I went to the hospital. I did some tests, everything was perfect. I then had a CT scan, which revealed mild pneumonia. I was treated and returned home after two days. I tested negative twenty days later. I lost six pounds and was in pain all over for the first few days. Life goes on “, Said in particular the Italian, who thus spent very delicate last days. Unvaccinated until then, Cassano has obviously changed his mind and has become a staunch supporter of the Covid-19 vaccine. “Now my family and I are fine. You have to get vaccinated, he also said during the live with Vieri. I have received two doses of the vaccine, and I will receive the third. “Now, after being hospitalized, the former striker will rest a little to quickly get back in shape and regain his legendary outspokenness.

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