Carslift: Bruno Martin perpetuates his entrepreneurial footprint and traces new ambitions

The entrepreneurial fabric around Manosque (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) can be proud of the new creation of the entrepreneur from Toulouse Bruno Martin. The latest in a long career as a business leader, the brand Carslift constitutes a new challenge for the entrepreneur.

Boss at only 22 years old in 1990, this ambitious entrepreneur founded Martin Productions 6 years later after the takeover of Durance Poids-Lourds. Later in 2005, Bruno Martin marked the local entrepreneurial landscape again by creating Sainte-Tulle Locations. Far from being satisfied with what he already mastered, he created CORA Transports Environnement Services from scratch, which became the Cora Group in 2018 after its diversification via UTAC bodywork. Alongside these hectic activities, Bruno Martin opened a Gigafit gym in Sainte-Tulle in 2016.

Today, the dynamic entrepreneur is concentrating on the ever-increasing development of the Cora Group, which operates in various fields such as the manufacture and installation of bodies, tailgates, skips, hook lifts, crew cabs, desks, galleries, isothermal boxes as well as positive and negative cold cells. Know-how and expertise recognized at the highest level as evidenced by prototype manufacturing contracts for AirbusHelicopters or even the GIGN.

Notwithstanding, Bruno Martin is, as his wife puts it, «  visionary, go-getter and always ready to take on new challenges”. It’s done with the opening and the dazzling start of Carslift, a brand specializing in the purchase and sale of new or used vehicles in France and abroad.

The idea being to be a reliable intermediary for both buyers and sellers, thus avoiding the pitfalls of non-specialized online sales sites, while offering complete services. Indeed, Carslift takes care of all the stages of the sale: analysis of the vehicle by technicians, production of professional photographs in a dedicated studio, market research in order to find the best price, establishment of solid guarantees for all stakeholders. etc

Since its opening on June 6, Bruno Martin’s latest creation has met with great success, as evidenced by Helene Esteve, executive assistant  » We have brought in around a hundred vehicles in three weeks, customers are contacted via a platform, they are mainly sellers present on Le BonCoin, even if word of mouth is already starting to have its effect”.

This is the strength of the Carslift network, which, due to its national presence, enjoys an influence never before seen in the Manosquin basin. The Toulouse brand thus operates throughout the PACA region but also in Occitanie and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. A vast range of action but which is explained by the changes in practices according to Bruno Martin  » Since Covid, purchasing methods have changed, customers travel less and prefer to shop online « .

Even more than a new entrepreneurial adventure, the arrival of Carslift is the opportunity for Bruno Martin to create a true center of excellence centered on vehicles for individuals and businesses alike. Combining the Cora Group’s know-how in utility vehicle fitting out with Carslift’s own methods, the ambitious entrepreneur now intends to develop a range of utility vehicles «  ready to use » with all or part of the facilities offered by the Cora Group.

Bruno Martin develops this idea from a simple observation  » companies cannot afford to wait until 2023 or 2024 to renew their commercial vehicle fleets, with us they will now be able to find a solution in a few hours, 3000 vehicles are already available on our platform since its launch in mid-July « .

Ultimately, the bubbling spirit of the entrepreneur seems to know no other limits than those of his own ambition.


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