Carmelo Anthony humiliated by the entire opposing bench!

Like the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony did not have a good night against the Nuggets this Sunday. The inside was pretty clunky, with a huge miss in the last minute. No mercy for the opposing bench, who decided to make fun of it a bit.

Well present to help the Lakers this Sunday, and off the bench, Carmelo Anthony failed to really make a difference. He finished with 17 points yes, but at 8/18 shooting, including 1/7 from behind the arc. A very mixed evening for the former Knick, who will especially remember the defeat, which plunges his team a little further into the Western Conference.

Melo’s nasty miss against the Nuggets

But the Nuggets are not in the feelings: it’s victory or nothing for the teammates of Nikola Jokic, who even took advantage of this match to make fun of Melo a little precisely. To better understand, you have to go back 40 seconds from the end, when the veteran commits a huge miss, alone for the layup.

The Nuggets bench, at the bottom of the video, is laughing after this nasty miss from Melo, who could have gone for the dunk on this action. Yes, it was not a memorable match for him, even if the evening was special. A few hours earlier, Anthony received a prestigious trophy, to thank him for his commitment.

The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trophy, awarded to the annual Social Justice Champion, is unveiled. Carmelo Anthony will receive him today for his work during the 2020-21 season.

Very mixed evening for Carmelo Anthony, with this prestigious trophy, but also a defeat for the Lakers. We expect more from the interior, which could change franchise shortly. We will have to take stock during the offseason, which should not take long.

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