Carmelo Anthony at the heart of a crazy rumor!

Still without a contract as September approaches, Carmelo Anthony continues to prepare in the shadows for the new challenge that awaits him. This one could also enroll in an unexpected team that he would like to join!

Despite still evident shortcomings defensively, he positioned himself as one of the Lakers’ best players last year. Averaging 13.3 points and 4.2 rebounds per game, Carmelo Anthony has delivered a satisfying season in Los Angeles. And yet, the latter did not allow him to quickly sign a contract during free agency. The veteran, however, remains on the lookout for opportunities and studious.

Carmelo Anthony returning to the Knicks?!

Initially expected to return to the Lakers, Anthony should ultimately not play a second campaign there. Mentioned later as a potential target of the Nuggets, he has once again seen this exit door closing in front of him. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Reportit is now towards another franchise that his attention would be… and in which he has also already evolved, namely the Knicks!

I’ve certainly heard that Carmelo is interested in a meeting. On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s the same thing on the Knicks side.

Five years after his turbulent departure from the Big Apple, Melo would therefore be ready to put his bags there again, and why not play a role there after coming off the bench.

It must be said that the New York project is starting to become interesting to say the least for players who have still not found a base. Between the development of RJ Barrett, the signing of Jalen Brunson, and the possible arrival of Donovan Mitchell, the franchise has some nice arguments to make. It remains to be seen whether Anthony’s profile could enter into Tom Thibodeau’s plans, which seems anything but certain!

In search of a new land of welcome for a few weeks already, Carmelo Anthony would finally be tempted by a destination he knows well, none other than New York. To see if this interest will sooner or later turn out to be mutual!

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