Carlos Correa: the Giants would be the favorites

Dansby Swanson and Carlos Correa are the last two marquee shortstops on the free agency market. With Trea Turner ($300m over 11 years) in Philly and Xander Bogaerts ($280m over 11 years) in San Diego, the market exploded.

Not only does it raise prices for others, but it also means that the options are fewer and fewer.

Like last year, Carlos Correa finds himself among the last two players in his « class » without a contract. Last year, he signed just before Trevor Story.

Why? Because the market did not favor it. But this time, expect it to be different and multiple teams looking for a guy of his caliber.

Currently, the most cited teams in the file are the Twins, the Cubs and the Giants. These are the teams most likely to sign a player of his caliber.

The Twins loved him in 2022 and keeping him in town would be a priority.

The cash-strapped Cubs have every intention of turning the corner, and signing a top shortstop could help them lay the groundwork for the club’s next big team.

But right now, the Giants would be the favorites.

Why? Because the club has so much wage flexibility that they can afford to make a bigger offer than other clubs.

And playing for a historic team like the Giants has its charm.

I have a feeling if he doesn’t come back to Minnesota, going to California might be the go-to option for Correa. I don’t underestimate the Cubs, though, who have been on his case for over a year.

To be continued in the next few days.

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