Caris LeVert underwent kidney cancer surgery after life-saving transfer

It was during a medical visit that a tumor in the left kidney of the American rear Caris LeVert was diagnosed. The operation of the new player of the Indiana Pacers was a success, ensures this Tuesday his franchise. No date of return on the floors has been given.

Sometimes life turns on very little. Recently transferred from the Brooklyn Nets to the Indiana Pacers, full-back Caris LeVert was diagnosed during his medical visit with a tumor in his left kidney. However, nothing foreshadowed this medical emergency for the 26-year-old American basketball player, included as part of James Harden’s super-trade to the New York franchise. And without this exchange, it might never have been detected.

« I had no symptoms, I was going through matches, without missing one this season, moreover, LeVert confided during his introductory press conference. I felt 100%, in full health. In a sense. , this transfer revealed to me what was in my body. I take it positively, with humility: this transfer may have saved me in the long term. « 

« The most important thing for me is my health, it’s to live long »

His lump was seen during an MRI taken as part of his mandatory medical examination. The player therefore needed emergency surgery, and his surgery on Monday to treat renal cell carcinoma – the most common kidney cancer – was a success, his franchise announced on Tuesday.

If LeVert, who was drafted by Brooklyn in 2016, will have to stay away from the prosecution for an indefinite period, he was already showing himself a philosopher even before his operation. “The most important thing for me is my health, it’s to live long, he continues. It comes before basketball. Of course, I would like to play again as soon as possible, I am a competitor, I love this sport. But before that I want to be sure that I am well. This is my calendar, we will see for the future. For the moment, we do not have the answers. « 

The franchise is now crossing its fingers that Caris LeVert is rid of his tumor cells, and that he quickly finds the group of the Pacers, already deprived of his winger TJ Warren for much of the regular season.

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