Car accident for a Laker after the game against the Warriors!

The Lakers had a great evening this Wednesday during the victory against the Warriors in the play-in. After a complicated season, Frank Vogel’s men have secured a participation in the playoffs! But for a player, the evening was ruined by a road accident… And his excuse is hilarious!

The play-in match between the Lakers and the Warriors this Wednesday will be remembered for a long time… Already because it was a television success with audiences up sharply compared to normal, which should push Adam Silver to carry over the experience over the next few seasons, no offense to one Shaquille O’Neal very critical of the measure.

But also because the spectacle was sumptuous. Stephen Curry shone with 37 points scored despite repeated two-way strikes, then LeBron James wrote a new chapter in his legend in returning a mind-blowing shot for the win ! If we add to that Anthony Davis’ spicy trash-talking on Jordan Poole, we get a classic.

Unfortunately the evening was not good for all the Lakers, despite the victory … In addition to not having played, Ben McLemore was involved in a traffic accident just hours after the meeting … And the excuse that he took out to the police is just crazy. The rear is a genius! TMZ tells the story.

When the police arrived at the scene of the accident they found Ben McLemore and his large Ford vehicle. They immediately proceeded to a blood alcohol test. McLemore passed all the tests without worry. He then explained to the officers that he had confused the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal.

Ben McLemore is 28, obviously drives for every Lakers home game… and he still found a way to confuse the two most important pedals in a car! In his defense, the adrenaline must still be present after this anthology meeting, even if he did not participate in the party.

And this is not the first time that a Laker has been involved in an accident in recent weeks. At the beginning of April, for example, it was Anthony Davis who had been found furious by the police after a collision on the road

Ben McLemore will remember this play-in match against the Warriors… Fortunately for he can probably afford a new Ford without worry.

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