Canucks’ Halloween party drama highlights team leadership struggle

There is more drama coming out of Vancouver.

In Wednesday’s edition of Sekers and Price, Matt Sekeres reported that Canucks captain Bo Horvat skipped the team’s Halloween party a few weeks ago and that some of them didn’t like it well. his teammates.

Sekeres said this situation represents an overall leadership struggle between Horvat and the team’s top scorer JT Miller. While Horvat is known as a calm and exemplary type, Miller is a strong alpha type who can ignite the team with his intensity.

While Sekeres goes on to say that there is no indication that Horvat and Miller are clashing, he points out that there is a « leadership vacuum » and that the young Canucks players do not know which voice to follow.

This situation would explain why Miller’s name has been popping up in business rumors lately.

Horvat and Miller are both set to become unrestricted free agents after the 2022-2023 season. The Canuks drafted Horvat with the No.9 overall pick in 2013 and they traded a first-round pick to acquire Miller from the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2019.

Considering his strong season, 19 points in 20 games while registering 21:38 per game, Miller is certainly the player with the most commercial value right now. The Canucks currently have a putrid 6-12-2 record and if they don’t turn things around soon, a major upset wouldn’t come as a surprise.

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