Canadiens players are the most taxed in the NHL


OTTAWA – Montreal Canadiens players are the most taxed in the National Hockey League (NHL), according to a joint investigation by the Federation of Canadian Taxpayers and the Americans for Tax Reform.

During the 2014-2015 season, CH players were taxed at 54% of their income, while those of Dallas, Nashville, and Florida teams were taxed at 40.6%, the lowest rate of the NHL tax.

The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, who were previously only taxed 38.5%, saw their earnings take 43.5% due to higher taxes in Alberta.

According to the survey of two taxpayer advocacy groups, 60% of players who have signed a contract with a no-trade clause choose to play in a team with the lowest tax rate.

The transfer of Zack Kassian from Vancouver to Montreal, for example, results in an annual tax increase of $ 136,226 for him, from a tax of 45% in British Columbia to 53% in Quebec.

“The numbers don’t lie. NHL players lose feathers by going to play in some [provinces ou dans certains États]. This is not the only factor that influences a player, but the large disparities in taxation from one team to another can penalize some players when they change clubs, ”commented the author of the study, Jeff Bowes.

Aaron Wudrick, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, believes that the salary cap set by the NHL should have reduced the disparities between players, but he notes that they persist and that there is a real disadvantage to playing for example for the players. Maple Leaf of Toronto, where the tax rate is 16% higher than its Atlantic Division rivals like the Tampa Bay Lightning.

« NHL players are highly skilled workers who have the choice of going to work where they want, like doctors, engineers or business executives, » Wudrick said. Governments should keep this in mind when trying to find a case to attract top talent to their homes. ”


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