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Manchester City’s faller, Liverpool has regained its confidence, but still laments a certain delay in places of honor. Top 4 in sight? More

Recover before the World Cup

November 20 will start the World Cup. Until then, before experiencing a break, Liverpool will play 5 Premier League games. 15 points at stake, to try to make up the 6 behind on fourth place. Because yes, as Klopp admitted, the Reds are no longer in the title race (Arsenal already have a 14-point lead, editor’s note). Being part of the leading quartet at the end of the season, however, remains a primary objective. Without this, Liverpool will be deprived of the Champions League next season, but also of all the advantages that come from participating in the competition, namely additional income and significant attractiveness. By winning against City, the reconquest operation started in the best way on the banks of the Mersey. The alarm clock is recorded, it will now be necessary to confirm.

With his assist and several saves, Alisson carried his team against Manchester City.  (Icon Sports)
With his assist and several saves, Alisson carried his team against Manchester City. (Icon Sports)

After matches against Arsenal and Manchester City, the calendar is necessarily more affordable. With two games scheduled, this week will mean a lot to Klopp and his men. No time to breathe with a new reception this Wednesday, that of West Ham. 12th, the Hammers remain on a draw, but they have not lost for 5 games in all competitions. After the Londoners, the Reds will move to the lawn of Nottingham Forest. The current Championship bottom runners won’t be the only misplaced opponents, as Leeds and Southampton come to Anfield. Between the two is probably Liverpool’s biggest challenge in PL before the World Cup: Tottenham. Firmly clinging to the podium, the Spurs appear as direct adversaries in the fight for the top 4. At the end of these five oppositions, the reigning European vice-champion will know if he can once again play an important role in the English scene.

The season is still long for the Reds

If the prestigious victory against the Sky Blues does a lot of good, be careful not to give in too quickly to euphoria. Even after such a feat, not all lights are green regarding Klopp’s squad. At the precise moment, 7 players are still on the flank. The latest to date also needed the stretcher to leave the lawn last Sunday. Around Diogo Jota, concern reigns. In the infirmary, the Portuguese joins Luis Diaz, who will miss until the end of the calendar year, but also Arthur, Matip, Konaté, Keita and Oxlade-Chamberlain. The glitches have been linked together since the start of the season, and there is little chance that this will work out with a calendar that is more insane than ever. Two years ago, despite a very good start, the Reds sank while facing an unprecedented cascade of injuries. It was not until the end of the season that the top 4 had been secured.

Also, we must accept that Liverpool may not have their destiny completely in their hands. This year, the competition is particularly tough. Arsenal, City, Tottenham, Chelsea, and to a lesser extent Manchester United, all seem to be there. With an ignition delay, the residents of Anfield will have to achieve a series, which they have not really managed to do for the moment.

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