CAN 2021: Stadiums will be 80% full

Olembe Stadium

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The African Football Confederation has decided to authorize the filling of the 6 CAN Total Énergies Cameroon 2021 stadiums to 80% of their respective capacities.

The presence of the Coronavirus has pushed African football leaders and the Cameroonian State to refine their strategy to guarantee Cameroon a 2021 CAN in the healthiest possible health environment. Even if the disease is better and better controlled in Cameroon, the risks of resurgence are high, with the large population flows implied by CAN.

For this, the stadiums will be fillable to 80% of their capacity, as decided by CAF, in agreement with the Cameroonian government. Anything that will be effective in strict compliance with the sanitary protocol. Thus, supporters must be fully vaccinated, but also present a negative test dating back 48 hours maximum, to have access to the stadiums.

The competition will kick off on January 9 at the Olembé stadium, where only 48,000 supporters, 80% of the possible 60,000, will have access.

Alain Denis Ikoul (Douala)

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