CAN 2021 – Paul Biya: « let us remind the world that … »

As tradition dictates, the President of the Republic of Cameroon delivered his end-of-year speech on December 31, 2021. The opportunity for Paul Biya to send a message to all those who have dreamed of seeing the CAN 2021 be withdrawn from his country. Extract.

«  As we prepare to celebrate African football, I invite Cameroonians to mobilize massively to promote CAN 2021, the most beautiful football party ever organized on our continent. We wanted to make it a great moment of brotherhood. It is therefore up to us to extend a warm welcome to the 24 sports delegations, officials and all those who will be staying in our country during this competition.

Let our guests discover the richness of the cultural diversity which makes our country a «  condensed from Africa « . Let us offer them all the hospitality they have a right to expect from us, and which is an integral part of our traditions.

Thanks to the virtues of our people, in particular their courage and self-sacrifice, we have not only overcome the trials of this year which is ending, but above all continued our march forward.

I could not end without asking our dear Indomitable Lions, to give the best of themselves, so that on the evening of February 6, 2022, this festival ends in the apotheosis. Let us show ourselves to the height of the stakes, and remind the world that we are a great Nation « .

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