CAN 2021, let’s tell with you the story between Chery and football

As an international automobile company, Chery has always been committed to integrating into local society through football, reaching out to consumers and enjoying the passion and glory brought by football with the clients. For several years, Chery has deeply integrated football culture with brand positioning, corporate culture and social responsibility. Through continuous attention and investment, Chery has integrated the vitality and progress of football culture with Chery’s youthful and modern brand positioning to make the Chery brand image deeply permeate in the hearts of every consumer who love football all over the world.

In Chile, the UC team (Club Deportivo Universidad Católica) who named by Chery successfully won the Chilean Football League Championship 2021, it was the UC team who won the Chilean League Championship at four consecutively, and it is also the first football club in the history of the Chilean Super League to win the championship four times in a row. During the cooperation period, Chery actively interacted with fans, offering free tickets, social media event reports, traveling exhibitions, on-site interactive games and other activities, which were deeply appreciated. by consumers.

In Ecuador, the Chery-sponsored IDV (Independiente del Valle) team defeated the Argentinian team Club Atlético Colónen 2019 and successfully won the South American Cup. In 2021, this team won the Ecuadorian Professional Football League Championship. This is the first time that this team has won the championship in their country. It is also another breakthrough achieved by a Latin American team after the UC team that won the Chilean Super League championship.

In addition to Chile and Ecuador, Chery continues to carry out a series of sports marketing activities in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Costa Rica and other football-loving places. With the dual assistance of sports marketing and brand internationalization, Chery achieved contrarian growth in the cold winter of the automotive market. So far, Chery has ranked first in the export of Chinese brand passenger vehicles for 19 consecutive years, with more than 9.9 million users worldwide, winning users’ trust in more than 80 countries and regions.

In addition to official sponsored activities, Chery has actively initiated a series of worldwide public benefit activities with football, such as funding youth football schools, donating footwear and necessities to children from poor areas and the donation of equipment to local health organizations. Chery always shares love and care through football.

So, what actions will Chery Automobile, which considers Africa as a strategic market, take place during this African football festival? And what surprises will it bring to fans? Follow Chery Senegal, and discover them!


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