Campsas. Sport and entertainment with sambo demonstrations

Saturday, March 26, it was the party at the Sambo Club which organized an evening of demonstrations. Sylvia Pinel and Marie-Claude Nègre came as neighbors and friends. This combat sport of Russian origin has borrowed from judo, karate, boxing and other defense sports to create an original martial art with thousands of technical gestures. A sport all in flexibility, feints, leg locks, projections… a real dance.

Children, adults, practitioners or not, have finally come together to mark the resumption of normal activities around the coaches and the president and creator of the club in 1990, Christian Oliveros. Even if the Covid-19 has been there, the president is optimistic and happy with this evening of recovery in public: “We have lost a lot of members in the last two years, we are now only 70 licensees. But it will restart . The strength of sambo is that you can practice it at any age. We take children from the age of 4; then, it’s as long as you want. »

The pleasure of elected officials

The demonstrations, by age and level, followed one another, often with well-paced music, in a good mood, with loud applause, bright eyes and smiles, both on the spectator and sport side. Sylvia Pinel, whom everyone knows here, was not the last to appreciate the show, especially that given by the little ones who opened the evening. Marie-Claude Nègre, busy elsewhere, could not enjoy the whole show, but she was there to say in a few words, as well as Sylvia Pinel, how much they appreciated this evening, to encourage and thank the children, the members and the coaches.

The evening ended with a small buffet, spring cakes, discussions and friendly exchanges.

Classes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Prices: €90 per year all inclusive (with costume loan); 20 or 30 € during the year. Phone. 06 14 39 21 10.

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