Cameroon-Ivory Coast: Patrice Beaumelle entrusts FIFA

Cameroon-Ivory Coast: Patrice Beaumelle entrusts FIFA

The Ivory Coast Elephants coach does not agree with the quota reserved by FIFA for Africa in terms of countries qualified for the World Cup. The French technician made it known during the press conference after Cameroon-Côte d’Ivoire, a meeting counting for the sixth day of the group stage of the qualifiers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Beaten by Cameroon (1-0) this Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the Ivorian selection will not play the qualifying play-offs for the Qatar 2021 World Cup. The Elephants who had one point more than Cameroon at the top of the ranking in the group D lost their leadership following the loss conceded by the Indomitable Lions. If the coach of the Elephants did not fail to congratulate his opponent who was able to exploit certain details of the meeting to win, he was not kind to FIFA which according to him does not show enough consideration for football African.

“When you see that we have 53 federations in Africa and we only have 5 countries going to the World Cup, it’s a disaster. It kills me because we are going to leave Champions at home, people who make UEFA football happy, in Europe and we leave them for the World Cups … here, I had the chance to play in the Cup. World in 2018 with Morocco, but each time we leave three to five nations that are ready to make World football happy and that hurts me, I hope that one day we will change that.  » Did he declare.

And to add: « African football, we kill it because there are 32 teams and X pools and it is not normal that in each pool, there is not a team from the African continent and that, we all have to work on it to avoid cleaver matches like this evening. That we do, it is not a problem but once again, this evening, Cameroon is in the play-offs but is not yet qualified and it is a real marathon, we end up flushed. To go to the World Cup, we are exhausted because these qualifiers wear us out, it’s very hard. 5 out of 53 countries is not even 10%. It is shameful. Really, I wanted to send this message and I tell you, if I qualified tonight for the play-offs I had planned to give the same message. « 

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