Cameroon, behind the scenes could play a role: Should we be wary of Samuel Eto’o?

The draw, which designated the Greens against the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in an explosive play-off scheduled for March, has caused a lot of ink to flow. It was against the backdrop of a mini-crisis between the two camps that this party imposed itself, either to settle the small conflicts that arose during this AFCON, or to aggravate the situation. But between now and the designation of the fields and the choice of the dates of the two meetings, the two camps will have to attack the work behind the scenes, because it is a decisive round which will rule out one of the two teams from the Qatari World Cup. ; hence the caution with which it will be necessary to act very quickly. Even if the concentration on the Cameroonian side is for the moment on the CAN which continues, the Lions are preparing to play their 8th against the Comoros this evening, the fact remains that Fecafoot will now begin to prepare the famous match of March. Eto’o, who has just been installed president of the local Fed’, will begin a new mission. It must be said that his debut was successful with his showdown against FIFA and CAF and all those who wanted to delay the CAN of his country. He won the bet and snatched the right to hold this CAN despite the shortcomings, proving to his president and his people that he has what it takes to defend the interests of his country before world bodies.

Compromising arm wrestling

But all was not rosy for Eto’o in this crazy race against time, which allowed him to snatch the OK from the leaders of football. After a series of meetings and a standoff with FIFA and its office, the CAF executive committee refused the postponement of the CAN and presented FIFA with a fait accompli.

Verified information has even leaked: the 3 African representatives at the FIFA office, namely the Egyptian Abourida, the Moroccan Lekjaâ and the Burkinabe Sangaré voted against maintaining the CAN. A trio called traitors by Eto’o. Samuel, very harsh in his remarks to Canal + sport before this CAN, pointed the finger at the Executive Office of the world body and even Infantino. Admittedly, he says he has a good relationship with the FIFA president, with whom he claimed to « discuss », but it is clear that the latter did not at all appreciate the maneuvers of the former Barça striker behind the scenes. He set up CAF and its Comex against FIFA, which soured the atmosphere between the two camps.

hostile people

The absence of Infantino during this CAN and his stay for a few hours to attend the opening ceremony on January 9 confirm this malaise. Moreover, the Italo-Swiss was copiously booed and whistled during this ceremony in the presence of the President of the Cameroonian Head of State Paul Biya. Un behavior remained across the throat of the boss of world football and does not help relations between the two men. Already on Saturday, during the draw in Douala, Infantino contented himself with a video recorded and broadcast before the draw for FIFA’s flagship competition. He did not consider it useful to travel to Cameroon, whereas usually he is always present at each of the African football ceremonies. A lot of proof that the current does not pass between Samuel Eto’o Fils and the leaders of world football. This is already putting Cameroon in difficulty before meeting EN in March in a competition managed by FIFA.


Infantino, Abourida, Sangaré and Lekjaâ do not carry Eto’o in their hearts, nor even Cameroon. This observation risks weighing heavily in the balance or at least depriving the former Catalan of moving freely, as he was able to do on an African scale. From March, the competition changes and FIFA will take control of things. This is where Eto’o will have to face the difficulties. Already, the Cameroonian media have noticed how the Head of State Biya put him aside during the opening ceremony. The first man in Cameroon did not want Eto’o for fear that he would overshadow him. This eclipse of Samuel risks extending and spreading until it touches the freedom of the ex-Indomitable Lion. A marking that Eto’o can however circumvent, as a good attacker he was. We will therefore have to remain vigilant, because given all the obstacles he will face, he could fall back on the D system. For example on an African arbitration that is not very clean. In the opinion of President Motsepe, who made the observation after his installation, the world competition in its last round in March will be led by African referees. No need to recall the adventures of the latter with EN, as Belmadi constantly reminds us, hence the need to remain vigilant. The FAF, which has often been criticized for its absence at this stage behind the scenes since 2017, must prepare to counter a possible diabolical plan. EN, which faces a serious problem of confidence, must be reassured in order to focus on the green rectangle and respond to Cameroon and Cameroonians on the ground.

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