Cameron Thomas lives up to his reputation as a trigger | NBA

Strong scorer in NCAA (23 points average), the back arrived in this Summer League as a walking firecracker of the Nets.

Among the replacements to start the meeting, against Memphis, unlike Brandon Knight and Quinndary Weatherspoon, Cameron Thomas nevertheless had carte blanche out of the bench.

In a galley on the first half, finished at 5 points (1/7 shooting), Thomas bounced back in the second half of the match, especially in the last quarter punctuated by 12 units at 4/7 shooting. “Cam played well. He and Quinndary Weatherspoon carried us with the bench. This is where you see the qualities of Cam at 19 against a very good team. He did a good job to keep the team running ”, denotes trainer Jordan Ott.

Behind Brooklyn’s Return

Thanks to a +/- of +10 concerning him, the former LSU showed the way to his teammates. “It was my first pro game… I just had to find my rhythm. Once I got it I felt very comfortable. It’s only basketball after all ”, highlights the back for the New York Post.

It was also he who scored a 3-point allowing his team to return to the front at 3:30 from the end, following a nice fake shot. Unfortunately for them, the Grizzlies’ excellent Desmond Bane locked in the dying minutes to pocket the victory.

While some note a difference between the amateur world and the NBA, Thomas believes that the level and the game itself do not change that much. « I didn’t know I would have so much space », even Thomas is surprised.  » Everything else was just basketball. It wasn’t especially more physical or faster so I feel like I integrated right away. But I saw a lot of space and thought it was really cool. « 

His Nets will meet the Bucks this Wednesday for a remake of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

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