Cambon-lès-Lavaur. New Stock Car demonstration on Saturday


Saturday October 11, Stock Car enthusiasts will be able to have a blast, with a new demonstration, organized by the Eng’Art association of Cambon-Lès-Lavaur. On the program for this day, concert, entertainment for children and especially events with recovery cars specially prepared to play the bumper and chain the barrels. This event is the second of its kind, organized by the young association Eng’Art. Last year, it had gathered a dozen participants. This is a great first, in the Tarn department and perhaps even in the entire Midi-Pyrénées region. But what is the stock car? The president of the association, Fred Beaudoin, himself an amateur and a practitioner of this mechanical sport, has a precise and succinct definition of it, « these are cars, which turn around a circuit and which bump into each other at low speed. . I am from Saumur. There, I was already stocking up. I wanted to introduce this mechanical sport to people from the south, whom they don’t necessarily know. ” To facilitate its practice, the track was dug by volunteers experienced not only in driving construction machinery, towing and shoveling m3 of earth to design a circuit, parking lots, access for the public but also to the installation of reception and technical stands. “We could not have achieved all of this without the support of the municipality. Pierre Virvès, its mayor, provided us with the field, where we traced the circuit, other municipalities, such as Puylaurens, Cuq-Toulza, Lavaur, Saint Germain-Des-Près, provided us with 420 m² of barriers, surrounding the circuit. The latter has been approved by the security services, ”adds Fred Beaudoin. Everything will therefore be ready to welcome the public and the amateur pilots who have come to put on a show behind the wheel of these improbable machines, each more intrepid than the next and little inclined to respect the usual highway code. On the program, then, swerves, barrels, buffering and other fish tails, all of it “bottom out” obviously for the pleasure of the spectators who came to applaud these crazy people behind the wheel.

The day’s program and traffic restrictions

The Stock Car demonstration will take place on Saturday, from 9 am to 8 pm, on the site of the artisanal zone of Cambon-Lès-Lavaur, Zone Artisanale En Tuto, at the edge of the RN 126. Catering on site, with reservations at 06.48 .15.63.33. From 10 p.m., concert by the group Les Grizzlis, for a Rock N’Roll evening. Animation for children with Waterball. Entrance fee: 5 euros. For safety reasons and during the event, traffic on the RN 126 will be slowed down, between the Cambon-Lès-Lavaur junction (D48) and the Massoulard junction (D43). It will be limited to 70 km / h. Just like overtaking and parking, along the RN 126, will also be prohibited. The vehicles participating in the event will be parked inside the site. Information on

Practical information

Oct 11 to Oct 11


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