Camacho has found his rhythm

Rudy Camacho is a transformed player at the start of the season. The French center-back has become the team’s most reliable defender, the cornerstone of a still young defensive brigade.

But for Camacho, nothing has changed. He’s the same man he was before. It is the circumstances that are different.

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“I’m not a different player, he says on the phone. My first two years, I fought to make my psoriasis go away.

« I fought very heavy treatments which led to a decrease in lucidity and which affected me. »


All of this has meant that Camacho has been slow to regain the confidence he has displayed this season.

“Last year it was going very well physically and I needed to regain confidence from the first two seasons because it was going badly and I suddenly lost my level.

« Last year was a year of transition, I was in good physical condition and certain things happened that ruined everything a bit. »

In his eyes, he can finally express himself on the pitch and show what the team’s staff saw in him when he awarded him a four-year contract on the eve of the 2018 season.

“I had regained my confidence and from that, I became again the player I was before coming to Montreal and the player the team recruited.

“I doubted, it was hard, but I know my qualities and I am a confident person. I feel good, I feel important. ”


When we stress to Camacho that he seems to advocate even more intense football this season by not hesitating to play shoulders, he maintains that it is part of the adaptation.

“I always adapted to the level at which I played in Belgium, it was also physical, but there was less direct play and more construction. Here, it’s a bit of ping-pong.

“Last year I really made progress on the physical game. In Belgium, it was mainly me who played from behind. I try to defend by moving forward and not letting the opponent turn around. ”

So that’s part of his evolution as a player. He has developed certain aspects of his game that make it more complete.

“Before, I was really focused on the technical aspect, the tactics and the recovery. I was sometimes asked to tackle and it wasn’t really my thing. I’m adding a facet to my game. « 

Sometimes, his way of doing things is a bit like that of Laurent Ciman, who is now his trainer, but he swears that it is not an influence of the Belgian, whom he has met a few times on MLS grounds, but never in Belgium.


At 30, Camacho is the oldest of the team with Kiki Struna and Erik Hurtado, who are the same age.

« In my head, I’m still 20 years old and sometimes there are little ones like Jean-Aniel [Assi] who come to talk to me as if I was 35 years old. It makes me weird, but I’m still young at heart. « 

And despite his veteran status, he’s not the one who’s going to make big speeches in the locker room.

“I don’t see myself as a shy person, but I don’t like to give speeches or show off.

“I prefer to go see people individually to talk to them. There are people who are made to be leaders in the field. Outside, I don’t feel comfortable with it. ”

Camacho will be a Canadian resident

Rudy Camacho and his family will soon be permanent residents of Canada, the first step towards citizenship.

He reveals the information during a conversation, mentioning that he would see himself wearing the colors of the Canadian team one day, which would be possible since he has never worn the colors of France on the stage. international.

When we mention to him that the 2026 World Cup will be partly played in Canada and that he will still be of age to play, we hear him laugh a little.

But all that depends precisely on his future since the last year of a four-year contract elapses.


If he displays the same level of play throughout the season, he may well be courted. It could even be this summer.

But if it’s up to him, he would like to stay with CF Montreal even if we understand that he will make the best decision for him and his family.

“This is the club in which I stayed the longest despite the difficulties. I have always appreciated this club and its fans.

“This is my second home, my family and I are fine here. I would like to continue in Montreal. ”

It could hang on financially, however. This season, Camacho is earning a guaranteed salary of $ 850,000, which is very high for an MLS defenseman.

If he wants to stay in Montreal, he would probably have to take a pay cut, which may not be tantalizing for a player who has a few good years ahead of him and who would like to sign at least one more good contract before he dies. ‘hook up your crampons.

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