Cam Newton, a comeback for the Carolina Panthers?

University star

In NCAA, Cam Newton has had a turbulent journey: three universities in four years. In 2007 and 2008, he is in Florida, plays little and especially must leave the university, for problems related to his schooling. Newton fails at Blinn College, a small university in Texas, where he is overqualified. In 2010, he joined Auburn University and finally shines with a thousand lights: 30 touchdowns in 14 matches, the title of champion and the trophy for best player of the year.

Right off the bat, a star in the NFL

Cam Newton was selected first in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers, a very irregular team. From his first game, Newton hits a big blow, throwing 422 yards. Never in the history of the NFL, a quarterback had reached the mark of 400 yards during his first tenure. Cam Newton was selected for the Pro Bowl – the NFL’s All Star Game – at the end of his first season.

A multi-card quarterback

In addition to being very comfortable passing, Newton is also good at running with the ball in hand. In his first year in the NFL, he scored 14 touchdowns, a record for a quarterback, who still stands. Today, Cam Newton has 1,074 runs (No. 1 for a QB), 5,412 yards (No. 2, behind Michael Vick) and 71 touchdowns (No. 1). His runner-up in this last category, Steve Young, has only scored 43 TD’s.

Less magic

The North Carolina franchise is struggling to recover from its failure at the Super Bowl. And his excellent quarterback too. Each one alternates the good and the less good. In four years, the Panthers have only played the play-offs once. And, in 2019, Cam Newton’s season comes to an end after two games, following a foot injury. Former Auburn QB needs a new lease of life and gets the transfer right.

Fail in New England

In July 2020, Newton signed for a year with the New England Patriots, who just lost the legendary Tom Brady. He can not forget the latter, and the Patriots are not the same without their superstar. They only win seven matches and miss the play-offs for the first time in 12 years. Cam Newton is satisfied with eight touchdowns to the pass. He extended his contract in March 2021, but was ousted at the end of August, just before the start of the season.

Back to Carolina

For half a season, Newton was just a spectator of the NFL. But, on November 11, the Panthers recruit him, for a year, to replace Sam Darnold, the holder, injured. Cam Newton plays a bit Sunday against Arizona because he lacks preparation. This does not prevent him from scoring two TD’s in a few minutes and saving his team (34-10). He leaves the field shouting  » I’m back! (I’m back !) « . The Carolina Panthers are crossing their fingers that this is indeed the case.

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