“Call the emergency room”: LeBron shocked by his daughter Zhuri, 7 years old!

NBA Zhuri and LeBron James on vacation

@allthingszhuri / NBA (DR)

If he tends to share images of his sons more often than of his daughter, LeBron James is nonetheless attached to his little Zhuri. The King’s last Instagram post is even dedicated to him, and still leaves its author speechless!

For the past few days, he has made his two sons his profile picture on Instagram. It must be said that Bronny and Bryce are currently the pride of LeBron James. On tour on European soil this August, the two young talents are enjoying the California Basketball Club, and multiplying the viral highlights. What, inevitably, attract the attention of their father in this period of NBA offseason.

However, do not believe that the King is only concerned with the success of his two offspring. Without them in the « Casa James », he can indeed take care exclusively of his daughter, Zhuri, with whom he has always displayed an excellent understanding. Even to the point of find yourself in a big controversy recently. Be that as it may, he savors these precious moments with his 7-year-old daughter… whose growth he obviously has trouble accepting!

Zhuri James infuriates LeBron with his parade

Born in October 2014, Zhuri is slowly approaching adolescence, and is starting to act on it. It is therefore not uncommon for her to leave her father speechless in front of her actions, as had already been the case a few months ago thanks to a dance. This time, it’s a fashion show that LeBron has not recovered from, as he transcribed it well on his Instagram account:

It’s too much for me, it’s official!!!!! It’s OVER for me!! Call ER please *voice of Wyclef 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣….. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #MonBébéZ🤎 #TêteDeMaman

Lyrics from the title 911 by Wyclef Jean and Mary J. Blidge, who seem perfectly suited to the situation that LBJ experienced at this precise moment.

Like any parent, the Lakers leader always sees his youngest younger than she is. However, Zhuri is already getting closer to a little bit of a woman. Whether through the features of his face, hence the affectionate nickname given by his father, or in his attitude. It will nevertheless take a few more years for Bron to digest this, and manage to cut the cord with her definitively!

Time is definitely going too fast for LeBron James, who still can’t believe that his little Zhuri is no longer the baby he once knew. From now on, it’s up to him to accompany her as best as possible, as he did with his two older brothers!

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