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A major rookie on his arrival on the Chapel Hill campus in the summer of 2020, Caleb Love certainly disappointed last year, for his “freshman” season in North Carolina. Expected like the future leader « lottery pick » from UNC, two after Coby White and a year after Cole Anthony (15th choice), the native of Saint-Louis in Missouri has drooled.

As part of a disappointing team overall on a collective level, irregular throughout a season played in empty rooms, and slapped by the Wisconsin college of a certain Johnny Davis in the first round of the “March Madness”, the point guard had a complicated baptism of fire at the NCAA level.

But rather than get discouraged and jump ship after legendary coach Roy Williams retired last spring, Caleb Love has decided to return for his “sophomore” season. He was keen to rectify the situation.

A new start for its second season

This season, under the leadership of Hubert Davis, former Tar Heel and NBAer before passing assistant to Roy Williams and then taking over, Caleb Love is a new player, leader of a program that has entered a new era. The nerve center of a system more oriented towards the outside game, when Roy Williams enjoyed the inside game more, the point guard has plenty of space to operate in the racket and thrives.

Its metamorphosis from one year to the next is also quite amazing: from 10.5 points to 31.6% on shots including 26.6% behind the arc last year, it has gone up this year to 15.6 points to 45.1% on shots. of which 44.2% at 3-point. It’s quite simple: when Caleb Love goes, North Carolina goes too.

Author of a new solid game last night (16 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists), on the occasion of the victory of UNC against Virginia, he congratulated above all the collective effort:  » It was a big win for us, and I’m proud of my team. Also proud of the coaches, who put us in good shape. But we are not going to let go. We move on to the next match He delivered with determination.

 » Caleb delivered a great game in a number of ways. First of all, he was the best passer on our team. »Noted his coach, Hubert Davis.  » Of course his ability to put in shots is good for us, but I also think he delivered a great game defensively. « 

A rating that goes up with NBA clubs

Before highlighting the progression of the person concerned between his year « freshman » and sophomore « : » There is an important difference between a freshman rear and a sophomore rear. Caleb, he didn’t have the luxury of having a veteran point guard when he came here who could have taught him the trade. In fact, he arrived last year and we gave him the ball and said, ‘You’re in North Carolina, you’re the leader, it’s your turn. « 

Naturally quite discreet, the player does not allow himself to be overwhelmed by emotions despite an undoubtedly successful season so far on an individual level. The boy is there to help his team win above all, individual recognition is only a bonus that will come with collective success.

 » I don’t really pay attention to it. He said of his good individual performances.  » I am just aggressive. You can count on me to be a competitor and to be aggressive in every game, and if I score all of those baskets, so be it. I play to win, and for my team. « 

In his last “Mock Draft”, The Athletic places him at the very start of the second round, in 32nd position.

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