Cale Makar fills the Stanley Cup with slush

Photo by Colorado Avalanche/Twitter

Imagine the situation for two seconds. You are a convenience store cashier and you have just asked a customer if he wants the Extra with his 6/49 when suddenly…

…you see Cale Makar entering with his brother Taylor and the Stanley Cup!

The all-star Avalanche defenseman simply asks you:

Hey Big! Where is your slush machine?

Hold Makar

It is unclear what kind of slush Makar chose. Cherry? Blue raspberry? On the other hand, we know that it was certainly sweet if he did not wash the Stanley Cup after his pancake breakfast.

What an epicurean this Cale. But I’m a little disappointed with her decision not to eat kale salad.

Cale… Kale…

Michel Laprise Drum

OK Bye!

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