Cahors: magnificent season for the Aurochs in the Ufolep national final of American football


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The Aurochs team hasn't conceded a point for the season.
The Aurochs team hasn’t conceded a point for the season. ©Aurochs of Cahors

They are undefeated this season, and haven’t conceded a single point. The Aurochs of Cahors will play this Saturday, June 10, 2023 the national final of the Ufolep American Football Championship against Gap in Artigues-près-Bordeaux.

The Cahors team champion of the Grand Ouest zone

The Cadurcian team obtained this place by winning the Grand Ouest conference final in mid-May against Esox (suburb of Nantes) while the Gap team won the Grand Sud conference final against Bordeaux.

The Aurochs, in agreement with players from Albi, chose to join this Ufolep championship this year rather than staying in that of the French American Football Federation, in which they played in 3e Occitanie chicken division. This choice was motivated by practical reasons and game choices. Indeed, Ufolep requires a reduced number of players (9 instead of 11 on the field), with fewer constraints for the teams. In addition, the game at 9, more fluid, faster, is more appreciated by the Cadurcian team.

This championship thus allows teams from medium-sized towns such as Cahors, but also Rochefort, Angoulême or Agen who were in the same pool, to do well and to be able to have fun on the pitch without having the means of the big teams from the metropolises. French.

A tight-knit group

The Aurochs team is performing particularly well this year, with a mix of players between new players who already have solid experience and the first generation of the club who are still there. Reaching the final was their goal for the season. “The game at 9 suits us more. And there we have our well-trained players, who know their position and who understand the game well” explain in the same voice Benoit Tarrieu and Julien Alves, players and members of the Bureau des Aurochs. “Last year was difficult, we had a lot of injuries. This year, we wanted to have fun and win games. Their « hermetic intractable » defense and their attack allowed them to make magnificent scores this season, in particular to beat Agen 92 to 0.

A trainer from the USA

Today, they are 22 to train on Mondays and Fridays (compared to around forty before the health crisis). And this sport is not just a matter of big arms. “It’s a mixture of physical strength and intelligence, it takes a lot of tactics and malice, strength but also speed and explosiveness. Each player has his role to play, ”they continue. The coach is also of paramount importance. And it is Tyler Flynn, an American based in the Lot, who gives them the benefit of his expertise. Originally from Minnesota, he is an American football enthusiast who has coached a university team in the United States. He knew how to adapt to the Caduran players, answer their questions and thus get the best out of everyone.

To join the club

The club is always looking for new players. The youth section (they take teenagers from the age of 14 for the start of competitions at 16) is sorely understaffed and plays in agreement with other regional clubs. Seniors are also welcome. « To join us, it’s simple, all you need is a pair of crampons », specifies Benoit Tarrieu, who adds that the jerseys and all the protections (helmet, shoulder pads, etc.) are initially loaned by the club. From the first season, once the basics have been acquired, new players can participate in a few matches, even if it takes 2 to 3 years before they know how to play well.

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For next year, the Aurochs do not know if they will return to competition with the French American Football Federation, although the option of staying with Ufolep, which is developing with new teams, seems the most likely. “We’re having a really good time, and maybe we’ll have a title to defend, or at least we’ll have to defend our Great West Conference title. »

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