CAF, arbitration … The big rant of the Comoros striker!

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It took a lot of courage for the Comoros to face Cameroon and even make them tremble last night in Yaoundé. Without a specialist goalkeeper for the position and playing ten against eleven almost the whole match, the Comorians did not flinch. However, there was enough with the repeated cases of Covid, the changing protocol which prevented Ahamada, however negative, from being aligned, or the obligation to prepare on the bus, the absence of an escort resulting in a big late arrival at the stadium…

The icing on the cake, the Comoros therefore had to deal with an expulsion after only six minutes of play. And Youssouf M’Changama confirmed after the match that the players almost hesitated to leave the field! « We were in the process of  » freaking out  », we said to ourselves what are we doing, are we getting out of the match? It felt like everything was against us. But then people came to the stadium; others are watching the game on TV around the world. All Comorians are proud and we wanted to make them prouder until the end”.

M’Changama denounces a lack of ethics

After the arbitration, the one who scored an exceptional free kick also tackled CAF for the management of Covid cases within the Comoros. “I want to send a little message to CAF: There are rules, but we are all in the Covid, there are adaptations everywhere, it is unacceptable that we do not adapt to our situation, ( we needed) a keeper! We are not here to incriminate anyone, CAF or Cameroon, we are happy to be in the competition. (…) You journalists and those who watch football, watch what happened. It’s up to you to learn the lessons. It is not up to us to denounce anything. What we denounce is ethics. African football is criticized all the time, it’s not normal for something like that to happen,” said M’Changama.

to summarize

While the Comoros players were heroic last night against Cameroon (1-2), striker Youssouf M’Changama did not mince his words after the match. It must be said that the Comorians were not spared. during the game.

Julien Pedebos

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