Bye-Bye Player of the Year, best/worst trade, best offensive player…

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While the Playoffs are in full swing, it’s time to conclude the regular season by awarding the trophies for this 2022 campaign.

Only small nuance: we do not necessarily take the official individual awards of the NBA, but indeed trophies made in Basket Lab, which differ a little from the way the NBA tries to reward certain individuals: best offensive player, and defensive , Comeback Player of the Year, Bye-Bye Player of the Year, Best and Worst Trade of the Season, and many more.

For this, Clément aka NFive (@TheNFive5), editor on Qi Basket and big boss of the Live Twitchs of Qi Basket, joins us to award these awards.

Welcome to the Basketball Lab.

Guillaume (@GuillaumeBInfos)


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