[buzz] Brandon Jacobs wants to replay in the NFL | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

Tim Tebow’s comeback gives some ideas. Former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs explained on Twitter that he wanted to return to the league but not to run.

“Since Tebow is making his comeback after leaving the field for a few years, I am announcing today that I will make my comeback in the NFL. I would play defensive end for any team that gives me a chance! « 

Jacobs is not joking and believes he is more legitimate than Tebow to replay in the NFL

“I’m totally serious about playing as a defensive end again in the NFL. I can still run and I am strong. There is no way that Tim Tebow is a better athlete than me. I just need a try that’s all, if I don’t make it, I would accept it like a man. I just want a chance that’s all! « 

Retired since 2013, Brandon Jacobs has won two Superbowls with the Giants

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