[buzz] A new ultra-modern locker room for Texans

If the 2021 season promises to be complicated on the ground, the Texans will be able to reassure themselves by saying that they have one of the most beautiful locker rooms in the league. It was via a video posted to the franchise’s website that Cal McNair and his wife Hannah gave a tour of the new locker room to several players.

“The locker room is wonderful,” said safety and special teams player AJ Moore. “I thank Nick (Caserio) and Jack Easterby, Mr. McNair. We really thank them for that. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally done and we really appreciate it. […] What I like best is neon, it’s super cool. Everything is comfortable there. Come on, you know, new smell, whatever it does. We’re super excited. « 

In these new locker rooms, each player has a safe for their valuables, a shoe and shoulder pad dryer, a fan for the helmet and personal television screens that present the daily program as well as messages from coaches. Every part used in manufacturing is antimicrobial, to provide a healthy environment. Investments cost around $ 4 million for these changing rooms, as well as for the expansion of the training hall. Changes that were a top priority for the McNair family, general manager Nick Caserio, executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby, chairman Greg Grissom and coach David Culley.

“We did some things in the offseason, made some changes to the facility,” Caserio said. “I appreciate the support from the owners and the economic commitments they have made with the new locker room and training space. All of this is designed to give players and staff the resources they need to be successful and give them the opportunity and perform to the best of their ability. « 

Photos: Andy Bao, via Sports Talk 790 AM

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