“But what the hell is he doing? “: the sequence of discord by Evan Fournier

Maintained in the rotation of the Knicks for the reception of Milwaukee, this Monday, Evan Fournier was rather discreet. He also signed an action that is controversial on the networks, and on which his guilt is clearly debated!

While waiting for the return of RJ Barrett, who is becoming more and more precise on the New York side, he takes advantage of the minutes left available by the Canadian to continue. Long sidelined by Tom Thibodeau, Evan Fournier has found playing time for a few days, and notices an incredible turnaround for him. This also partly continued on Monday, on the sidelines of the shock against the Bucks.

The viral debate over Evan Fournier after the NY loss

Just a few hours after spat its venom in the Zidane/Le Graët scandal, Fournier hosted with his Milwaukee teammates for a good Eastern poster. Poster finally won by the band of Giannis Antetokounmpo (111-107) after a tough battle decided in the 4th quarter. A possession in which Evan plays a key role has been fueling conversations since:

But what is Fournier doing here?

Assigned to defend on Pat Connaughton, the Frenchman quickly leaves his player to come and set up a two-man take on Giannis. A choice immediately sanctioned by the Greek Freak, who offers an “easy” decisive pass for his shooter. But while some New York fans blame Vavane for that 3-pointer that put the Bucks ahead, others blame… his coach:

It’s obvious, he did what he knows how to do best: play as if he were lost on the pitch.

It was Tom Thibodeau’s defensive strategy… Don’t blame Fournier for this incompetent coaching

Did Evan Fournier lack lucidity by abandoning his vis-à-vis in the corner, or was he actually instructed to come to the aid of Giannis Antetokounmpo at all costs? Only he and Tom Thibodeau know the answer to this heated debate!

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