Builders have fun with the public with prototypes

The days of discovering new cars with great surprise at motor shows are definitely over. Today we need everything, and fast. At the time of Internet ordering and express delivery in one day at his doorstep, has the human being become too demanding and impatient? The fact is that with independent photographers all over Europe, social networks and smartphones capable of taking more than decent pictures, manufacturers are no longer immune to develop their next launches.

A state of affairs which now gives ideas to manufacturers. Very recently, it was Mercedes which started its teasing campaign on the new SL, only revealing test images of its camouflaged prototypes, history, a little, to cut the grass from under the feet of spy photographers. Which have also sometimes provoked funny gestures of provocation from the engineers behind the wheel of the prototypes, using their middle finger more and more.

And then there is Renault, which goes even further. On his Twitter account, the diamond mark displays an image of the patterns used for the camouflage with this message: « this summer, on the roads of Europe circulates an unknown vehicle wearing this camouflage … if you cross it, you will have a glimpse of the to come up ».

The answers were quick to burst with onlookers who were able to immortalize the future Mégane in all its glory on French roads. Clearly, the prototype must no longer hide, it must show itself, and be seen by the greatest number. Mission accomplished for Renault, but also for all the other manufacturers who occupy the media space well before the official launch, just to raise the sauce.

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