Buddy Hield has learned to live with transfer rumors | NBA

In Sacramento for more than four years, will Buddy Hield continue his career there in the coming months? Nothing is less certain, as the name of the Bahamian keeps coming back when it is possible to make exchanges.

At 28, if he has just come out of his least prolific scoring campaign (16.6 points average) since 2017/18, and if he has never been as skilful (41% on shots) as this season “Buddy Buckets” is nonetheless one of the best 3-point shooters in the league.

Evidenced by his 39% outdoor address in 2020/21 (against 41% in five years of career) or his 282 award-winning achievements this year (the second highest total in the NBA, behind Stephen Curry and his 337).

Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley III: same fight

Obviously, despite his defensive limits, the quality of Buddy Hield’s shooting will always allow him to find a point of fall, in this league which gives pride of place to 3-points. But whether it’s with the Kings or elsewhere (Sixers?), The back doesn’t really care where he plays in the future, as long as he can play his game freely.

 » I see my name in the transfer rumors, but I can’t control it all ”, He recalls, in the podcast Posted Up.  » It’s not my problem, it’s not my job. I leave this work to Vivek [Ranadivé, le propriétaire] and Monte [McNair, le GM]. This is what they are in office for. I just go out there and play my game, because everyone’s final goal is to reach the playoffs and win a title. « 

Absent from the playoffs since 2006, the Californian franchise has a promising group but still lacks experience, consistency and talent to hope to find them. In order to take a sporting step, the leaders of Sacramento could therefore be tempted to use the declining contract of Buddy Hield, which should touch nearly $ 62 million over the next three seasons.

Unless the Kings decide instead (or as a bonus) to part ways with Marvin Bagley III, the other element whose name has been repeatedly mentioned in various transfer rumors, for several weeks. A still young player (22 years old) but increasingly criticized and who is struggling, for the moment, to meet the expectations placed in him, given successive injuries.

 » As No. 2 in the Draft and as a young player, everyone says you have to be ready and established when you get into the league, so he’s just trying to get there. », Explains Buddy Hield of his teammate, whom he is close to outside the court.  » He hasn’t been able to do it yet. We are all aware that he can be good, but he is already trying to stay healthy. We know he works hard every year, every summer, every time he’s injured, to get back to his best. « 

Tyrese Haliburton outbreak fatal to Buddy Hield?

A little more than two weeks before the 2021 Draft (July 29), it could be that there is movement to be expected on the side of Sacramento, determined to end its period of famine of 15 years without the playoffs. Quite simply the longest in NBA history.

In view of his age, his regularity in performances and in the sequence of matches, Buddy Hield is clearly one of the most attractive currencies of Luke Walton’s squad and, therefore, the most likely parts. to be moved by its leaders, in the days to come. While he is currently focusing on his personal progress but also on the next exercise.

Especially since, behind the Bahamian rear, the attractive rookie Tyrese Haliburton pushes to land a full-time starting place. And the 21-year-old leader has just shown this year that he had the shoulders to complete the Californian “backcourt”, alongside De’Aaron Fox, the designated “franchise player” of the Kings.


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