Buck Martinez says he is saddened by the departure of Pat Tabler

It’s an emotional Buck Martinez who has spoken out about his chances of returning behind the mic as part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ game description for the next season.

Struck by illness over the past year, the latter said he was optimistic about the possibilities of returning to service in 2023, but possibly not for all of the games on the regular schedule.

The principal concerned does not understand, or rather does not accept, the decision of the management of Rogers for thanking his colleague and friend, Pat Tabler, for his services. The latter was associated with the network Sportsnet over the past 17 years.

The two accomplices shared a considerable amount of hours to exchange on the daily life of the Blue Jays and vowed a mutual respect. It will be difficult for him to think that the latter will not be back by his side.

Asked about his health, the sympathetic character says he feels better, he who has undergone treatments aimed at treating cancer in recent months.

It is rather the fact that he will have to deal with the absence of Tabler that seems to have shaken him.

Martinez, 74, will therefore have to create chemistry with a new partner, which is no small task in this area.

According to Martinez, Tabler is the best colleague he has had the opportunity to work with. He mentions that the latter was always well prepared and that he gave his best in every game. Still according to him, Pat Tabler, in his capacity as a communicator, would have enabled Canadians to better appreciate the national pastime of the Americans.

Assuming his contract will be renewed, Martinez will mainly work with Dan Shulman, who has described the majority of the team’s games in 2022. The latter will therefore play a bigger role in 2023 while hoping for stability. as part of this new season and that Buck Martinez’s health continues to improve.

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