Bryce James reveals his new look, LeBron reacts!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James ecstatic over crazy highlights signed by his youngest son, Bryce

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Second member of the James siblings, Bryce continues his merry way in the shadow of Bronny. Lately, the young man has been talking about him following his change of appearance on the floors, under the eyes of an excited LeBron!

It’s not easy to find your place in the news when your big brother has been hogging the spotlight for years. Bryce James must nevertheless deal with this data, he who remains much less exposed than Bronny. About to begin his last year of high school, the latter will undoubtedly be the first of the siblings to join the NBA, and will even have the opportunity to write history by playing there with his father, LeBron.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the eldest will be the most successful in the league. In effect, several observers make Bryce a better prospect than his brother, and this, while he will only celebrate his 15th birthday in a few days. It must be said that the guy displays encouraging signals, and knows how to get noticed on the ground.

Retro makeover for Bryce James

Subject of an incredible growth spurt recently — giving rise to viral photos — Bryce is currently trying to take advantage of this on the AAU circuit. A member of his father’s team, Strive For Greatness, he displays in particular his increasingly impressive relaxation, but also a new appearance that does not go unnoticed these days!

Glasses wearer in everyday life, Bryce has obviously decided to do the same on the floors of the Battle in the Apple. A style that allows him to stand out from other players, and which perhaps justifies the legend of his publication. Proud of his son, whom he was able to observe closely this Saturday on the side of New York, LeBron James has also validated this comment 100%!

The pure truth!!! Different 👽

Bryce James has been going for the « Kareem Abdul-Jabbar » look for the past few days, for an explosive result that seems to please LeBron. To see if he will keep it until his probable arrival in the NBA in a few years!

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