Bryce James, 15, is crazy in the middle of a match! (video)

Still barely 15 years old, Bryce Maximus James could however become the new darling of internet users after his brother Bronny. LeBron’s middle son indeed impresses with his athleticism, even shocking the King with a high-level dunk.

LeBron James can have a smile, his legacy on the floors is assured. Not only have multiple basketball players taken inspiration from his NBA exploits to shape their game, but his own offspring seem to have inherited at least some of his orange ball talent. His eldest son Bronny is already one of the most scrutinized prospects of the 2024 draft vintage, to the point where even Kim Kardashian goes to her matches.

Still a high school student this year, the young boy will however leave Sierra Canyon then and go to the NCAA, several university programs fighting elsewhere to secure his services. The good news for the Californian institution is that it can always count on the youngest of the James siblings, since Bryce is still only 15 years old and he is also playing there. And if we talk a lot about Bronny, he too is to be watched.

Bryce slams a monster dunk in practice, LeBron ignites

Regularly doing the buzz on social networks thanks to his physique, the teenager could become an athletic freak and some even attribute him to greater potential than his older brother. What is certain is that where Bronny seems a little more withdrawn from an athletic point of view, Bryce is mounted on springs. He also proved it once again recently with a dunk that left his father speechless, that’s to say!

Ayyyyyeeeeeee!!!!! Oh you start catching lobs now, Bryce!!??!!??! 😱😱😱 Keep it up young king, I love seeing this!! #JamesGang

We understand better why the Chosen One has already offered him a golden bridge ! Note that his mother Savannah also reacted to the man’s madness, as well as a crowd of Internet users who were impressed by his relaxation:

Savannah James : 🚀🚀🚀🚀

camwritethat : The guy quietly flew off for a lob

hooper : LeBron’s genes that activate

urboy_a_e60 : Bryce will be better than Bronny, you will see

While waiting to find out if he will actually pursue a career on the court, Bryce James is showing in any case that he has the physical qualities to shine in the future. LeBron was not mistaken there since he has already offered him a golden bridge, proof that he believes in his potential.

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