Bruised by The Last Dance, Pippen launches his counterattack against Jordan!

Deeply affected by what he considers to have been an unfair and unrewarding portrayal of him in The Last Dance, Scottie Pippen goes on the offensive. The eternal number 33 of the Bulls has announced his big project where he will reveal everything, and the tackles against a certain Michael Jordan are already barely veiled …

If the basketball world reveled in the documentary The Last Dance during the first confinement, a man lived it very badly: Scottie Maurice Pippen. Wounded and bruised seeing the focus be on his weaknesses and failures rather than his strengths and successes, Pip saw red and had a hard time digesting the episode. To pass the pill, he decided, in turn, to deliver his version of things.

It was through a book called « Unguarded » that the former lieutenant of Michael jordan will reveal everything about his career – a book that already smells of powder and which will be published next fall:

Are you ready to hear my side of the story? UNGUARDED. You can read my reviews on playing with MJ and Rodman, and get coached by Phil Jackson. From a small town in Arkansas to the glitzy NBA. On sale November 16, 2021. Pre-order now!

The « About The Book » section at the link Pippen pointed out sets the tone and sends some skillful tackles to Michael Jordan. Extracts:

Scottie Pippen is considered one of the best players in NBA history for a reason. Without it, there wouldn’t be a banner on the ceiling of the United Center – let alone 6. There wouldn’t be a documentary The Last Dance. There would be no « Michael Jordan » as we know him. The Bulls teams of the 90s would not exist as we know them. (…)

So how did Pippen put his ego aside and limited his own career to make the Bulls the most dominant dynasty of the past half century? In Unguarded, the six-time champion gives his transparent opinions on Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Isaiah Thomas, among others. Pippen explains how he resented being described as « Jordan’s lieutenant, » and how he could (and should have) received more respect from the Bulls front office and the media. (…)

Pippen talks about what it was like to be with Jordan on a daily basis, while also being the REAL leader in the Bulls’ locker room. For the 30th anniversary of Chicago’s first title, Pippen is giving millions of fans what they’ve been waiting for: an honest and cash foray into his life and role on one of the most popular teams in history.

You got it: a year after The Last Dance, Scottie Pippen is thirsty to restore some truths. We can’t wait to read all this… and Michael Jordan maybe a little less!

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