Bruins win at Lake Tahoe against Flyers

The second game in the “NHL Out at Lake Tahoe” series, the game played between the Bruins and the Flyers quickly turned to Boston’s advantage (7-3). The idyllic setting gave a much more impressive dimension to this game, after a first failure the day before between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche. The rink, outdoors, suffered from the sun’s rays this Saturday, unlike last night’s game.

The Avalanche got ahead

While the Colorado players led 1-0, thanks to a goal from Quebecer Samuel Girard, the League decided to interrupt the game, in agreement with the ice makers and the two teams. The sun, too strong, reverberated on the ice, also melting it and cracks hampered the progress of the players. Finally, after a delay of almost 8 hours, the game resumed at nightfall on Lake Tahoe. The view, less breathtaking, still hinted at the mountains in the distance. On the ice in any case, the Avalanche did not let anything slip, winning 3-2 at the end of a match where the two teams wore special jerseys for the occasion. Colorado players were dressed in jerseys using the codes of the Quebec Nordiques, a franchise that has disappeared since 1995.

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Bruins – Delayed Flyers

In view of the problems encountered the day before, the NHL made the decision to postpone tonight’s game even before waiting for the resumption of Saturday’s. The conditions would have been the same anyway and would not have allowed the match to be held properly. Still on the shores of Lake Tahoe, precisely on the location of the 18th hole of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort golf course in Stateline, it was the Bruins who mastered the game. From start to finish, both Philadelphia has been almost harmless. By winning 7-3, Boston pushes its record against the Flyers to 5-0-0. Pasternak even offered himself a hat-trick, becoming only the second player to score 3 goals in an away game after Tyler Toffoli. Trent Frederic, Charlie McAvoy, Charlie Coyle and Nick Ritchie are the other scorers for the Bruins, while James van Riemsdyk, Sean Couturier and Joel Farabee are the scorers for the Flyers.

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Much more than the result, it is above all the event itself, the breathtaking setting that gave these two matches their unforgettable dimension. By the own admission of some players, it was a real chance to be able to evolve on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It is therefore very easy to understand that other franchises would have liked to have had this chance!

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