Bruguières. Bowls sport: free trial sessions

After a very complicated year, it is time to resume racing training.

On Monday 23 August at 7:00 p.m., the license holders will take the path to the boules pitch in Xeraco Park in order to prepare for a long-awaited season, the first of which will be the National Meeting on Saturday 11 September coupled with the 3rd International Mixed Relay Meeting. If these sessions are primarily intended for male and female competitors, the club also wishes to open them to people wishing to discover the discipline of shooting in continuous races and perfect their physical condition in a friendly atmosphere.

The first sessions will be offered before taking a possible license if affinity, it will suffice to come in sports clothes and with your good humor, registration will nevertheless be compulsory at 06 23 33 87 36.

Many of you are expected, the equipment will be loaned and the sessions supervised by qualified educators

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