Browns: The new logo is here


A new logo filled with symbols.

The Browns presented the choice of fans and players on Monday.

The winning logo was drawn by designer Houston Mark. His desire has been to represent the history of the franchise and the city of Cleveland.

Fans chose the bullmastiff breed to represent the Browns.

The designer then added eight symbols:

  • Ohio: The left corner of the bullmastiff’s right ear represents the shape of the state.
  • Football: the dog’s nose is shaped like a ball
  • The East Endzone: The Dog Medal honors the city by forming a « C » and the East Endzone is highlighted for the Dawg Pound
  • Pick: in the center of the medal, a pick for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Spades: 8 in number for the 8 champion titles
  • Guardian Bridge: under the cheeks is the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland
  • The iconic maskless helmet on the right forehead
  • The scratches of the helmet in the middle of the forehead

Houston Mark on this project:

“Having Browns fans feel represented by this logo has been by far the most rewarding thing about this project. To see so many people feeling connected and feeling like themselves is amazing. That’s what you want as a logo designer. »


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