Brooklyn takes the lead in the East, we don’t stop Phoenix anymore

Brooklyn combined their narrow victory in Cleveland, with Chicago’s surprising home loss to Indiana to become the only leader in the East on Monday in the NBA, the Suns continuing to radiate to the West with a 13th consecutive victory gleaned from San Antonio.

The Nets did not have an easy game with the Cavaliers, since they only took the lead at the end of the third quarter, struggling to keep it. It took four free throws from Kevin Durant in the last 13 seconds to secure the essential (117-112).

Back after a missed game to spare his right shoulder, « KD » was efficient (27 pts, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocks), James Harden being altruistic (14 pts, 14 assists). LaMarcus Aldridge brought off the bench (21 pts, 11 rebounds).

Opposite, Darius Garland was very active (24 pts, 11 assists), but could not prevent the 4th consecutive loss of his family (10th).

Brooklyn, despite the absences of Joe Harris (ankle) and Kyrie Irving (unvaccinated excluded from the group) in particular, continues with a 3rd success in a row and ahead of Chicago, completely passed through against Indiana (109-77).

The Bulls, led 28-10 at the end of the first quarter, were never able to recover, dominated in all areas of the game by very solid Pacers like the five holder, each scoring between 12 and 21 points.

Washington, who could take the opportunity to take 2nd place, lost (109-103) on his floor against Charlotte, which allowed Miami to take 3rd place without playing.

The Wizards, who could only really count on Montrezl Harrell (24 pts, 18 rebounds), fell on Hornets carried by Terry Rozier (32 pts) in fusion, who scored his eighth shot behind the arc at 13 dry of the term to give back five steps ahead of his own. LaMelo Ball (28 pts, 13 rebounds, 7 assists) was not left out.

– Utah cracks –

Charlotte (5th, 11-8) is ahead of Boston and Milwaukee (10-8), who chained respectively a 3rd and a 4th victory against Houston (108-90) and Orlando (123-92).

The Celtics were able to rely on Jayson Tatum (30 pts) in regaining form and Jaylen Brown (19 pts) back after eight missed matches (thigh).

The Bucks, defending champions, broke a franchise record, that of the largest lead at the break (77-36), 41 units which also correspond to the biggest delay in 24 minutes in the history of the Magic. A quiet evening for Giannis Antetokounmpo, although not very skilful (4/12, 12 pts, 9 assists, 8 rebounds in 24 min).

In the West, Phoenix solidified its 2nd position by defeating valiant Spurs (115-111), returned to three lengths in the final seconds, to give a pretense of suspense to a meeting mastered by Devin Booker (23 pts), DeAndre Ayton (21 pts, 14 rebounds) and a quartet from the bench at 48 points.

Invincible for 13th games, the Suns thicken their mattress ahead of Utah (3rd), which cracked at home against Memphis (119-118).

The Grizzlies scored the last seven points of the game in the final 88 seconds. Ja Morant (32 pts) was decisive, delivering his seventh assist of the evening to Jaren Jackson (28 pts) for the winning shot behind the arc 6.7 seconds from the buzzer.

On the Jazz side, Donovan Mitchell failed (18 pts to 5/20), unlike Rudy Gobert, very strong (23 pts to 9/10, 13 rebounds, 5 blocks) but in vain.

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