Brooklyn Nets Salaries

UFA: non-restricted free agent RFA: restricted free agent

Financial situation in relation to the salary cap

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $150,267,000 this year.
  • The NBA Salary Cap is set at $123,655,000 this year.

With $183,019,718 contractually committed for this 2022-23 seasonthe Nets have put a big blow in the piggy bank and will have to pay a nice tax to the NBA.

Of course, having two of the unofficial ten best players on the planet in his roster costs the skin of the ass. But if we add a good basketball player paid as much as a superstar, there, it costs the skin of something else surely much more painful. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving (until proven otherwise still present) and Ben Simmons therefore receive a combined $ 116 million over the season. Need we say more? Go, for the principle: Joe Harris is the fourth in the list with his 19 million annual. Behind, no player earns more than 10 million a year. A few weeks ago, if we had been told that there would be no more huge contracts in Brooklyn, we would have believed it. But obviously the Nets are leaving with a competitive team this season and that’s priceless. Finally if, 181 million dollars. In short, two superstars, one crook triple All-Star and a trifle of revengeful players: this is how to summarize the salaries of the Nets version 2022-23.

Players under guaranteed contracts for the 2023-24 season: 5

  • Kevin Durant
  • Ben Simmons
  • Joe Harris
  • Nic Claxton
  • Patty Mills

KD walked back on his transfer request after Sean Marks, Steve Nash and company managed to convince him to stay. With his contract still guaranteed through 2026, Durant is logically in it for the long haul, as long as the Nets remain competitive. Kyrie will be free this summer and barring a thunderclap and/or an injury from him or his buddy Kevin, he should finish the season with the Nets and test the market afterwards. This good Benjamin Simon will be present until 2025, he who askip has become a shooter behind the line. Harris, back from injury, Claxton and Mills have two more years to go. What’s important for the neighboring Knicks franchise is to stay competitive and in the title hunt so its wayward stars want to stay aboard ship. The rest, we do not care a bit and the whole future of the franchise will depend on the results of this season. That’s how it is in megastar teams, they rule the roost.

Three players to watch this season:

The former Cavalier may make so much drama wherever he goes, he remains one of the best players on this planet. A player who takes any team from average to excellent. And he will be a free agent at the end of the season. Half the teams will rush on him and he will only have to make the choice. But until then, there is a season to play and everyone, from Brooklyn fans to the rest of the NBA, expects him to have a great season after Brooklyn’s failure last year and his few matches played (27). As long as the team remains at the top of the Eastern Conference, we can be almost sure that Kyrie will finish the season with the Nets and depending on the result, we can even imagine a re-signing to continue the adventure next to his friend he said « didn’t want to leave ». In the worst case, the Nets season is a fiasco for x or y reason and the leaders will transfer him before the trade deadline so as not to lose him in July without recovering anything.

The 32-year-old sniper will be free this summer and after a third consecutive season averaging 15 points, Steph’s little brother will be able to ask for a very nice contract, he who seems to be at his prime. Curry was magnificent from the parking lot last season with his 46% success rate and the Nets should expect just as much from him this year to support the stars. If he repeats the same exercise as in 2021-22, his phone will ring a lot this summer and he will receive a nice jackpot. Whether in Brooklyn or anywhere else.

  • Markieff Morris and TJ Warren

The two veterans are essentially in the same situation. The first is trying to revive after a moldy season with a back injury (isn’t it Jokic?) and the second is trying to revive after a foot injury that sidelined him for almost two whole seasons. Both will be free at the end of the season and will have to restore their image to be able to continue the NBA adventure, which does not give gifts to old rusty veterans. Playing time should be given to them as energizers off the bench and they shouldn’t be too concerned about youth development, which comes after the franchise’s priority quest for the title. It will be this season or never for Kieff and TJ.

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