Brooklyn can shut down, everything stays open in the west

Tonight is night session at Roland-Garros Playoffs, like for over a week! We never tire of it though. The two Conferences are unequal, and the posters of this night show it well, even if that does not detract from the spectacle that we are going to have. Let’s go for the preview!

1h30: Nets – Celtics: It’s time to conclude for Brooklyn, the second team of New York leads 3-1 against Boston. After destroying the stats sheet and the NBA record book in Game 4, the three monsters coming out of the Styx will try to finish the clover. Kemba Walker and Robert Williams are uncertain about the match, so that means we’re still leaving with the same troop as in the last duel. Does this mean more responsibilities for our Evan Fournier? It’s a rhetorical question, please wait for that, pass him the ball and let him get into rhythm with buckets. Will Nadal win Roland-Garros this year? Will the Nets end the series at home? These are the questions of the day, with really low odds.

3h: Nuggets – Blazers: It doesn’t look like this streak goes in seven games, so be patient the score is only 2-2. Back at home, Denver would do well to catch fire to take the lead and avoid a match point away. Will Jokic slam us a triple-double? Will Lillard drop 50 points? Two teams closer than ever and an outcome as unlikely as ever at the final whistle, exactly what we like to watch until the early hours of the morning.

4h: Suns – Lakers: It smacks of doubt in the Lakers locker room with the injury of Anthony Davis in Game 4. It is recalled that he came out just before half-time and that Kyle Kuzma had taken his place as a starter after returning from the locker room. Result: an offensive animation down and Phoenix stuck at 2-2. We hope that Frank Vogel will be able to bring a new game system in the event of the absence of Brow, who is listed uncertain for this match (hope is low but hope is there, however he will surely be there for Game 6). Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is also uncertain, he who hadn’t been able to play Game 4. Phoenix is ​​likely to impress again, with well-oiled collective play by The Godfather, Chris Paul, and good paint domination with Frank Kaminsky Deandre Ayton. Will LeBron James be able to carry this team alone as he did with the Cavs in the past? We will find out soon enough.

A preview, full of questions, and all the answers tonight! We meet around 1 hour and wheelbarrows on the blue bird with the coffee maker that heats up and the TTFL pick well validated. Here we go again !

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