Bronny James in big trouble!

For his third year in the Sierra Canyon ranks, Bronny James is the subject of great anticipation from observers and Boy Scouts. LeBron’s eldest son is nevertheless experiencing some setbacks that could cost him dearly!

After two first seasons in California spent in the shadows, and tarnished by a big injury, here he is finally ready to explode on the high school circuit. For his junior year at Sierra Canyon, Bronny James intends to confirm his status as a big NBA prospect, and begin to take the reins of his team. This is what he has partly done in recent weeks, inevitably causing the pride of LeBron.

No place to shine for Bronny at Sierra Canyon?

This Thursday, Bronny and his teammates made their debut in the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions, with a meeting against Parkview. Dominated in the first period (28-29), they were able to react in the second half, to ultimately win 63-46. A good result that they do not however owe to the eldest son of King, limited to 3 small points (1/5 shooting, 0/3 to 3 points) and 1 assist!

Fortunately for the Blazers, the other stars of the roster were able to respond, and compensate for the poor form of the young star leader. The promising Amari Cooper has thus compiled 16 points, just like the pivot Kijani Wright, for his part author of a nice double-double (16 points, 10 rebounds). This XXL supporting-cast available to James could paradoxically be his main obstacle this season.

With Cooper, Wright, but also Mike Price, Ramel Lloyd Jr. or even Isaiah Elohim, the nuggets jostle in the workforce of Sierra Canyon. They could therefore slow down the progress of Bronny, whose responsibilities and playing time remain limited on site. This is what several Internet users think, who recommend that he leave as soon as possible!

Bronny should be transferred next year, there are too many good players in this team

Too many good players on the same team

Bronny needs to work and shouldn’t be content with scoring so few points every game

Bronny needs to be traded, there are too many players trying to shine a light on them in this team

Will Bronny James have the shoulders to take the lead at Sierra Canyon, and make sure he can show himself in the eyes of NCAA and NBA scouts in the middle of top prospects? What is certain is that his future at the top level depends on it!

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