Brock Purdy proves he’s ready to replace Jimmy Garoppolo full-time now

In one playoff game, Brock Purdy proved he was ready to replace Jimmy Garoppolo full-time.

There’s nothing insignificant about Mr. Irrelevant, as the San Francisco 49ers are Brock Purdy’s team for the future.

After being one of the most criticized stars in the Big 12 in recent seasons, Purdy has risen to quarterback royalty in the Bay Area. The final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft has yet to drop a game as the 49ers’ starting quarterback. He replaced the injured Jimmy Garoppolo mid-season. Right now, it feels like the 2001 San Francisco Odyssey. The 49ers are hotter than the sun!

In one playoff game, Purdy threw as many touchdown passes as Garoppolo in his entire 49ers career: Four!

Unsurprisingly, Garoppolo will have to find a new place to play quarterback, likely in the NFC South. As for former No. 3 Trey Lance, 49ers general manager John Lynch needs to recoup some of that precious draft capital his franchise gave up to reach the one-year-old prodigy from North Dakota State…

It’s Purdy’s NFL franchise now, so the 49ers need to take full advantage of the gold they struck with him.

The San Francisco 49ers can hand over the reins to Brock Purdy over Jimmy Garoppolo now.

Since Purdy is a seventh-round pick from Iowa State, he only earns pennies over some of his fellow playoff quarterbacks. He’s under contract through the 2026 NFL season for just over $3 million over the next three years. Sure, 49ers executives could renegotiate at fair market value in a year or two, but they have a Super Bowl window to exploit.

As long as Kyle Shanahan remains the head coach of the 49ers, San Francisco will be a place where quarterbacks thrive. Clearly he doesn’t need a world champion in that position to have continued success. Although Purdy’s stock fell in his senior year at Ames, he couldn’t have been drafted in a better situation. He can make all his NFL dreams come true here.

By not having to pay full price for Purdy over the next three years, the 49ers front office can allocate financial resources to build the best possible team around him. Rent will be due in a few years, but you can never overstate the importance of hitting the jackpot with a quarterback on a rookie contract. Finding one on the first turn is ideal, but finding a rare gem on the third day cannot be surpassed.

San Francisco is expected to sign another third-day quarterback this spring, but it’s Purdy’s team now.

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