Brittney Griner’s prison sentence upheld on appeal!

 » She is ready for the call and very nervous.  » Thereby Brittney Griner was described by her lawyers, Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boykov as the player’s appeal trial opened on Tuesday. She was sentenced last summer to nine years in prison for possession and trafficking of drugs in Russia. Unfortunately, the Russian justice rejected this appeal, and the sentence was confirmed. The player will have to spend nine years behind bars.

According to the representatives of the American detainee, three classic scenarios were possible: confirmation of the first sentence, referral of the case to the trial court or else, and this is the main objective of this appeal, the reduction of the quantum pain.

Unfortunately, the first option was chosen.

 » Brittney doesn’t expect miracles but hopes the appeals court will hear the defense’s arguments and reduce the number of years “, described the lawyers of the 32-year-old player who appeared by videoconference.

The question is  » very strong mentally and has the character of a champion. However, she is of course having some ups and downs as she is under increasing stress and has been separated from her loved ones for over eight months. “, further explained its representatives.

NBA forced to lay low

For his part, Adam Silver clarified that, after the NBA was initially asked not to shed further light on this matter, the league and he did everything possible to try to bring it back to the United States.

«  We have expressed very publicly our belief that she deserves to be released at this stage. Even though she was convicted of a minor offence, any punishment at this stage is dramatically disproportionate. There should be leniency for anyone in his situation, and we’ve had direct conversations with the White House, with the State Department, Steph Curry has spoken about his incarceration. […] It’s frustrating for everyone, it’s hugely frustrating for his family, but I’m not sure what else we could do right now “, expressed the big boss of the league.

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