Bringing the African Cup of Nations to Canadians

Ottawa journalist Jean-Marie Vianney will be in Yaoundé over the next few weeks to inform African communities in Canada.

The African Cup of Nations was postponed a few times, the infrastructure was not ready. The pandemic added to all this, but we found a consensus. The Cameroonian authorities have reassured the authorities of international soccer. Concerns are behind… Tournament goes ahead, all seems to be going well, analyzes Mr. Vianney.

A soccer player makes a tackle during a game.

Burkina Faso defender Issa Kabore defends the ball against Cape Verde at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Photo: AFP / Kenzo Tribouillard

The tournament, organized every two years, was first to be presented in 2021. If Cameroon is able to host the event, it is largely thanks to the pressure exerted by African players and former players who have taken the floor when his organization was called into question in recent months.

The continent is changing. A new leadership and a new youth frequent international bodies and have acquired notoriety to say things. The new president Samuel Eto’o, renowned player, [a aidé] especially with the support of several players and veterans who have come together. We want to ensure that this competition is a place of gathering, reunion and vitality., adds the independent journalist.

He wears the jersey of his national team

Former Cameroonian soccer player, Samuel Eto’o

Photo: Getty Images / Giuseppe Bellini

The African Cup of Nations brings together 24 teams from the continent and Jean-Marie Vianney will cover the activities for the National Ethnic Press Council. He wants to focus on stories that resonate in communities across the country over the coming weeks.

We must take advantage of the presence of the delegations. Ottawa has large Algerian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Sierra Leonean, Cameroonian, Nigerian, etc. communities. You have to see how the delegations behave and report it to the communities here, says Mr. Vianney, who is originally from Cameroon.

The contribution of communities and women will be interesting. The linguistic dynamics in Cameroon can also teach us things. You have to look at the English-speaking and French-speaking communities and how cohabitation takes place. There have been conflicts, so I want to see the state of play, specifies the journalist, who addresses the issue of sovereigntist movements in the west of the country.

Soccer fans raise their arms in celebration of a goal during a rally in the streets.

Supporters celebrate a Cameroon goal in the west of the country. The African Cup of Nations is closely followed throughout the continent.

Photo: Getty Images / Charly Triballeau / AFP

 » I want to talk about Canadian expertise and the place it has had in the construction of soccer fields. Canadian ingenuity paid off. I want to see how this experience contributed to this event. »

A quote from Jean-Marie Vianney, journalist

As a journalist and soccer fan, Jean-Marie Vianney will obviously have his eyes riveted on the lawn to witness the sports performances of the best soccer players in the world. He admits that he will have a little difficulty maintaining his objectivity.

The best country will win on February 6. But it is certain that I would like Cameroon to win so as not to displease my Cameroonian colleagues and brothers., laughs the journalist. The important thing is that African and international football wins. The competition must allow us to forget the twists and turns of the COVID.

Algeria, twice champion of the African Cup of Nations, tries to defend his title, obtained in 2019. Senegal had taken the 2and rank, during this last edition.

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