brief scuffle between Hungarian supporters and the English police

A brief scuffle between Hungarian supporters and English police in the stands at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday, a few minutes after the start of the 2022 World Cup qualifying match between England and Hungary (to follow live commented on our site).

London police explained on their twitter account that police officers entered the visiting supporters’ stand to arrest a fan accused of « serious disturbances to public orderFor uttering racist insults against a flight attendant. « As officers proceeded with the arrest, a minor disorder erupted involving other bystandersAdded the police, still on Twitter. « Order was quickly restored and no further incidents are to be noted at this time.« 

According to television footage, beatings were exchanged, the police using batons to repel the most violent elements, while the overwhelming majority of the hundreds of Hungarian fans were only interested in the game. The first leg, which England won 4-0 in September, was marked by racist cries from part of the Hungarian public in Budapest.

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