brief return of Pelé in intensive care, his daughter reassuring about her state of health

Operated for a colon tumor on September 4, the former footballer Pelé was admitted briefly to intensive care, announced in a press release Friday, September 17, the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo where he is hospitalized. He had left it two days before. His daughter, Kely Nascimento, said on her Instagram account that he « is recovering well« .

« Edson Arantes do Nascimento presented with brief respiratory instability at dawn on September 17, and as a preventive measure, he was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). After stabilization of the condition, the patient was transferred to semi-intensive care. He is, at this time, stable from a cardiovascular and respiratory point of view, and still recovering from the postoperative abdominal period.« , indicates the press release from the hospital.

« This is the normal recovery scenario for a man his age. Sometimes after an operation like this you take two steps forward, one step back. Yesterday he was tired and he took a step back. Today he took two steps forward« , tempered on Instagram Kely Nascimento.

« He is recovering well, under normal conditions, we promise!« , she insisted in this message illustrated with a photo of her next to Pelé all smiles, wearing a black sleeveless down jacket, at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo where he was admitted on August 31. « There is a lot of angst in the world these days and we don’t want to add to it« she wrote.

The health of the Brazilian legend is fragile. At the end of 2014, Pelé had already suffered from a serious urinary tract infection and was placed in intensive care and on dialysis. Then in 2019, this infection was repeated and he had a kidney stone removed after hospitalization in Paris. He is also diminished by hip problems and was able to move around using a walker during his last public appearances.

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